Parsley and Thyme

Welcome to our world of fabulous candle melts!

We are here to help with fragrances for any and every room in your house at every time of the year.

Parsley & Thyme candle melts are the best choice for candle lovers who want to try a new scent without purchasing a larger candle. The candle melts have since become a firm favourite with our customers who are looking to add some quick scent in the house. Each scent is strong enough to provide a different fragrance for every room in the house if necessary.

Parsley & Thyme candle melts are great to melt just before company arrives and make fabulous spontaneous gifts for friends and family.

Our melts are presented in our personalised white tubs making them the ideal gift.

Whether you come to us with a complete vision for your home, need ideas for wedding favours or are interested in becoming a stockist- contact us 

Getting the best out of your candle melts

The candle melts have an approximate 10/15 hour burn time for full fragrance, compared to the 45 hour estimated burn time for the average mid-size Candle. Place a tea light in your burner, put your melt in the top, light your tea light and the heat will melt your candle and the aroma will be released. Our melts immediately begin to scent the air, when melted in a melt burner.

When finished extinguish tea light and allow wax to set.